July 8 superior steel product prices adjust information


July 8 Weifang Steel prices on some products to adjust specific adjustments as follows:

1, carbon steel by 50 yuan / ton, now 45 # Φ18-55mm carbon steel listed cash price of 3480 yuan / ton;

2, structural steel by 50 yuan / ton, now 40CrΦ18-55mm structural steel listed price 3680 yuan / ton;

3, hot rolled steel tube up 50 yuan / ton, now 20 # Φ50-130mm hot-rolled tube exercise price 3430 yuan / ton;

4, gear steel by 50 yuan / ton, now 20CrMnTiΦ18-55mm gear steel steel strike price of 3780 yuan / ton.

The above listed cash price increase 160 yuan per ton discount acceptances / ton, the above quote tax, from July 8, 2013 from the execution date.

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