Weifang Steel through cleaner production audit


Recently, the commission Weifang City Economic and Information Technology Commission by Weifang City Economic and New Energy Development Association organized experts to Weifang Special Steel Group Co., cleaner production audits carried out acceptance.
Weifang Steel Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. is a joint venture, in accordance with the "Interim Measures Shandong Province clean production" requirement, to carry out clean production. To carry out cleaner production, companies spent more than a year to find a 62 cleaner production program, has invested 283 million yuan for energy, clean transformation, annual savings of 48,000 tons of standard coal, water-saving 9600 tons, the annual reduction 137.3 tons of carbon dioxide discharge, reduction of sewage 9600 cubic meters, 7,116 tons of dust emissions, 1.76 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, nitrogen oxides 382 tons, 86.17 million yuan in economic benefits available. Group heard cleaner production audit reports on the situation on the ground to see a cleaner production audit work site, and the panel discussion on the relevant issues and business-related personnel. The Group believes that enterprises attach great importance to cleaner production, energy conservation strong sense of social responsibility reflects significantly, accurate screening program is feasible, capital investment, economic and social benefits outstanding. Final Weifang Steel Group Co., Ltd. was rated as excellent, and a score of 89 passed inspection. (Reporter correspondent Luo Jin Cheng Aihua)

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