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Submerged arc welding wire


Welding Co., Ltd. Weifang forward production of various submerged arc welding wire product has excellent welding performance and mechanical properties, can be used with many types of solder to use, with stable arc, easy slag removal, weld good, high deposition efficiency, welding speed and so on. Welding process, the wire melting no splash, no arc stimulation, welds smooth surface, welding quality assurance, easy to implement mechanization and automation of welding. At the same time these products wide range of welding parameter adjustment can be welding in wind larger open spaces, greatly expanded the scope of application of the wire.

In addition, in view of the use of the characteristics of submerged arc welding wire, the company focused on the development of the market rewinding packaging products. 200Kg, 250Kg large iron plate, wooden tray packaging products, as well as 250Kg / disc basket products packaged form. For many cases the specifications required by the market, can produce 1.0 to 5.0, and all other specifications series of submerged arc welding wire products in accordance with customer requirements. Meanwhile, in order to meet the actual needs of different customers. You can also customize the production of various grades, various types of specialty products. Currently, submerged arc welding wire series products are widely used in shipbuilding, large steel structures, bridges and other places, some special brands of products have been used in nuclear power plant capacity of welding.

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