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Quality Policy
Customer-centric and regulations as the yardstick, continuing to improve product quality and meet customer requirements.

Quality objectives
Strict process control, so that the disc of the finished product qualification rate reached 98.5 percent, customer satisfaction rate of 100% of complaints.

Welding Co., Ltd. Weifang forward under the inspection of the quality control department, central laboratory stations, materials science, warehouse, weighbridge.
Quality Division under the Inspection Branch, external examination subjects, physics room, metallurgical room, measuring room.

Inspection agency
Wei steel pipe is that the quality of the company, the amount of testing and materials, fluid metering management and technical supervision department Weifang Steel is the company's quality inspection and material volume, the amount of fluid metering management department, responsible for the company into the factory original, burning , furnaces, auxiliary materials and intermediate products, processes and quality control to ensure the quality of manufactured products and materials into the factory, the factory goods turnover and fluid metering tasks. Responsible for "improving quality, creating brand-name products; continuous improvement to meet customer needs," the quality policy and implementation, supervision and guidance of responsible corporate version 2000 ISO9001 quality management system to run. "Doing fine, so specialized, and stronger," the work of thinking, and constantly promote data quality objective, accurate, faster, enhance quality control and information with communication between processes, to ensure that the process is under way to create a good working procedure quality conditions to ensure the continuous improvement of products quality.

There are large-scale analysis of class devices direct reading spectrometer, computer controlled testing machines, automatic industrial coal analyzers, industrial analyzers, NO analyzer universal microscope and other equipment more than 20 sets of test class. With carbon steel, quality carbon steel, alloy steel, tube, hot metal (pig iron), alloy ore, iron powder, pellet, sinter, coke, coal and accessories detection capability, test data in line with or better in the corresponding national standards. Measurement equipment and instruments are mainly 100-150 tons Truck seven, 100-300 tons weighbridge three units.

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