Steel recycling economic achievements


In recent years, Special Steel Group firmly grasp the main idea of ​​energy efficiency, vigorously develop the circular economy and resource intensive conservation and utilization, continuous improvement of production technology, extend the industrial chain, improve product quality, has invested more than ten billion on energy saving and circular economy investment, basically built a production without waste emissions, energy recycling industrial park. Thanks to vigorously develop the circular economy under severe losses in the steel industry this year, 1-9 months, still maintained a full load full production, profit 226.5 billion yuan, 100 million yuan of taxes paid, production and operation of stable and good.
Implementation of energy saving projects, energy efficiency play. Weifang Steel to build industrial waste utilization system of science, the development of an embodiment of the utilization of the development of circular economy. Give full play to the technological transformation, the functional role of energy management agencies, strengthen management, to ensure the smooth completion of energy responsibility goals. In recent years, energy-saving technological transformation, waste heat recovery investment reached 1.25 billion yuan, has built a pure gas power generation, power generation blast pressure sintering machine annular cooler pure low temperature power generation, development and utilization of waste heat converter rolling power generation, transformation CDQ above, and other energy-saving stove blast ten energy-saving technological transformation, heat and pressure recovery project, the annual energy savings accumulated 157,600 tons, heat and pressure, gas generating 870 million kwh, since electricity generation accounted for 79% of the whole company , so that the negative energy steel.

Vigorously carry out technological progress and reform, and promote the development of circular economy. In recent years, highlighting the advantages of circular economy industrial chain, economic and social record. Special Steel Group based on people-oriented, and take the road of scientific development, increasing investment, technological innovation, has invested heavily in the introduction of energy-efficient, low-emission new technology, new technology, backward technology and equipment to transform and enhance the energy efficiency of enterprises and achieved good economic results. The use of advanced steel technology, and constantly develop new varieties of steel, steel products increased upgrading. Strengthening the use of waste to recycling economy to promote enterprise development. Invested 233 million yuan in the construction of 30,000 tons of water treatment and reuse, blast furnace slag powder, magnetic separation and converter slag fine grinding, aerated concrete blocks, bricks and other items autoclaved slag, the annual use of 1.6 million tons of solid waste, industrial water saving 10.8 million tons, an increase of sales revenue 855 million yuan. Use of regenerative reheating furnace technology, blast furnace top pressure generation technology, low-temperature heat sources, such as the use of technology within three technologies included 100 projects recorded significant saving technologies province.

Enhance the development of the short process of casting the vitality and competitiveness. According to the current situation and foreign castings and forgings foundry industry technology trends, Weifang Steel to save energy for the general idea of ​​using hot metal + alloy charge of the short process of casting production process route, enterprise plans to invest 4.12 billion yuan new 500,000 tons short process casting project. The project can shorten the gap with the international advanced enterprises in the field of casting production, accelerate product development, shorten development cycles, respond quickly to market, ensure enterprise level sync with the world casting technology. Is now actively preparing for the construction of a foundry project.

After years of development, Weifang Steel to achieve a healthy, steady and rapid development. Enterprise with its own special railway lines, highways professional team, and gradually formed a blend coking, iron making, steel making, rolling, oxygen, waste heat power generation, new building materials, real estate development, hotel and kindergartens, schools, etc. , recycling, eco-friendly modern steel conglomerate.

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